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Established in 2005, Redwood Investments is a private investment firm based in Washington, DC that provides growth capital for acquisitions, roll ups, and management-led buyouts. The firm concentrates on media, real estate, and alternative energy. Typical investments are the acquisitions of CSP Information Group, now Winsight, (press release) , Technomic (press release), and the 2017 recap of Winsight (press release).

Michael M. Wood is Founder and Chairman of Redwood Investments, and serves as chairman of Redwood's investment committee. Mr. Wood was United States Ambassador to Sweden 2006-2009.

Prior to serving as Ambassador, Mr. Wood was co-founder and CEO of Hanley Wood. After its start in 1976, Hanley Wood grew from a small publishing company with one magazine for architects into the leading business-to-business media company in the construction industry with 100 magazines, trade shows, conferences, and websites.

Hanley Wood was purchased by the New York private equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) in 1999. Wood remained CEO until 2005 when Wood and VSS sold Hanley Wood to JP Morgan Partners (now CCMP Capital). At the time, this 2005 transaction was one of the ten largest business-to-business media transactions in history.

Redwood Investments LLC
P.O. Box 25327
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